Provide 5 Star Customer Care

One the biggest ways to earn money driving for a ride share are tips. Tips are earned as a drive the same way that they are earned in an other industry. Quality service.

However, in the waiting and serving industry – tips are expected – so even if you only give 3 or 4 star service, there’s a high percent chance that there will be a tip waiting at the end of each customer experience. Since Uber was the main pioneer in the ride share industry, with the motto of “tip included,” we have to work a little harder each ride to ensure a juicy tip at the end of each ride.

Many will preach that in order to maximize tips, you must have water, candy and other goodies readily available for customers to increase their experience. This is valuable advice, however, it is not a quick fix guarantee to get tipped.

Getting tips is all about the experience. Did the customer leave your car happier then they entered? If yes, the higher percent chance you will receive a tip. If no, the chance is close to 0. So even if you have candy, water and ever free wifi hotspot, the likelihood of you getting a tip is minimal. Though it is not a solveall, having these things is definitely a plus. Make sure to offer the condiments you have available in your car to the customer, give them permission so they feel comfortable taking. Once the customer takes water or candy from you, they will feel more obliged to tip you.

The key to increasing your riders experience is to talk to them. Feel them out and connect with them. Building rapport with customers, bringing them into your world and making them feel like a friend. Talk about positive experiences you’ve had, adventures you’ve taken that are inspiring – avoid talking about how horribly Uber pays you or a bad day or experience you recently had. Be positive and uplifting.

There will also be more introverted customers that would rather not converse with you and you will need to be aware of these customers. If you initiate conversation and the customer is hesitant or short to reply, take this as a sign that they’d rater not speak or are preoccupied with something else. Give them room to reinitiate the conversation themselves. There’s nothing worse then having to listen to someone blabber on when you just want your peace and quiet.

Lastly, what has been working for me and a few other friends of mine: the tip jar. It’s not just any type of tip jar – just asking for cash. It’s a 2in1 that contains, candy, gum, and side hooks for easily accessible chargers for customers. This tip jar, not only collects cash, but also offers extreme value to customers within their reach.

A friend of mine makes them customer and if interested you can purchase here.