Become An Uber Driver

Things to know before you get started driving for Uber & Others


become an uber driver

You will need a car (less than 10 years old & in good cosmetic and working condition), current insurance and current registration. Once, you have all of that you can click here to begin the application process.

Uber will require a background check, photo of your car, insurance, drivers license, and registration. The entire process takes about 2 weeks.

You will have the option to use an Uber provided iPhone for $10 a week or use your own personal phone.

iPhone Driver app download

Android Driver app download

Once you get approved, you will be able to access the Uber application on your phone and start picking up customers.


become a lyft driver

Lyft has a similar process. It takes a few days for your background process to start. Apply here. After you are approved, you will be invited to take a welcome drive with a seasoned lyfter, called a mentor.

On this welcome ride, your mentor will review your documents, take pictures of your car and you and submit all the information to Lyft. The mentor will also take you on a test drive, showing you how to accept, start and end a ride.

Upon completion of your welcome ride Lyft corporate offices will review your documents and finally approve your driver account. You will be able to use your own phone to accept rides.