Magnet Air Vent Cell Phone Mount *Best Product*

uber driver cell phone mountThis is hands down one of the best cell phone mounts I have ever used. A lot of different cell phone mounts I have used don’t hold well, they are difficult to get the phone in and out of and are overall – just a pain.

This mount is simple and easy and is made of EMF protection crystals. It clips onto your air vent, you put a thin, metal piece between your phone and phone case – or there some sticky side metal piece to put on the back of your phone – and that’s it. When you are picking up riders, it is super easy to get your phone on and off the mount -safely.

I use this personally and I haven’t looked back. It’s super cheap too! You do have to have the right kind of air vents, however, so if you don’t think your air vents are up to the task, there is also the kind that would suction to your windshield or dashboard (click here for suction version). I highly recommend either of them!