Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror

uber partners and drivers dash camAs drivers we all dread the thought of having an unruly passenger causing problems for us. But the fact is, it happens. We see issues all over the media of rides gone wrong. I think having a dash cam is one of the most useful and important things to have in your car. Passengers will see the cam and realize that, “hey, everything I do is on camera and I better not act up!”

This particular cam, is super easy to install, has no wires and get the job done. 1080p HD, no dangling wires, night vision and easy to use. It just clips on over your old mirror, has a larger mirror and a built in display. You will be able to record the behavior of your passengers and the traffic ahead of you. Not to mention, it’s very affordable. I highly recommend picking one up.