The application and approval process to become an uber driver is very simple.

First you will need to fill out a small form (click here for form).

From there you will be required to upload some documents have your background checked. The documents required are things like, a valid driver’s license, car registration, proof of insurance, and photos of your car – inside and out.

I highly recommend uploading a photo of your driver’s license ASAP, as the background check does not get started until your driver’s license is uploaded.

Your background check will take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. If it takes longer than 2 weeks, there is something wrong and I highly suggest contacted Uber’s customer car (

Once you have passed your background check and you have uploaded all of your documents, you will be required to watch a couple Uber intro videos and download the Uber Partner app (iOSAndoid).

Congratulations! If you have finished all of these steps, you are ready to hit the road!

Also, if you signed up via my referral link (or any referral link), you only have 30 days from activation to qualify for the signup bonus to complete a minimum amount of rides. The minimum amount of rides for the signup bonus is different in every city, but ranges between 10-50 rides. If you’re looking for information on how to delete a uber eats account, pleases contact Uber’s customer support for the exact number ( And get out there and start giving rides ASAP! :)

*Note: when signing up, if you get an error saying that the email is already in use or that you cannot use that email address, it is most likely because it is the same one you used for your rider app. Uber does not allow you to use the same email as a driver that you used as a rider. You will need to create a new email address or use a different one that you already have.